Gorgonzola is a badge of excellence for the Italian Province of Novara.
Novara has been the home of the Consortium for the Protection of Gorgonzola Cheese since 1970.


Our family has been producing high quality gorgonzola for three generations and our passion for our work, attention to detail, experience and efficiency have gained us a leading position in this market.

In 1996 the European Union awarded DOC status to the area in which the milk is produced and the cheese made. The level of excellence required for this recognition extends to the hygiene standards in the milk producers’ cowsheds ensuring that the milk that goes into the cheese is a thoroughly healthy product.


Under EU regulations, for our product to be awarded the PDO designation, the pasteurised whole milk we use to make our gorgonzola must come only from the area under the Consortium’s control.

Azienda_02This means that we can guarantee our product is fully traceable and that its quality is consistent.

As part of our drive to raise our international profile, we have made sure that Si Invernizzi has been granted all the certifications necessary to comply with food safety standards and we have implemented a highly effective control system to guard against any possible risk factor.

In Italy we are ISO 14001, 22000 certified, in France and Germany we are IFS certified and in the United Kingdom we are BRC certified.

To respond to the growing demand for ever higher quality and efficiency standards, we at Si Invernizzi have installed state-of-the-art systems for maintaining hygiene on our premises, before, during and after each production process.

This guarantees a totally sterile environment with a complete absence of any kind of contamination. Azienda_03

Every step in the life of our cheese takes place on our premises and each step is kept under strict control by our highly skilled specialist staff who make constant checks on such factors as temperature, humidity and the air-conditioning within our facilities, monitoring these using the most sophisticated, custom-built control systems. Azienda_04

What’s more, we at Si Invernizzi are proud to be one of the few remaining local companies that actually heat-treats the milk in-house.

This winning combination of cleverly integrated technology and production skills, backed by our thirty years of experience, our attention to detail and utmost respect for tradition, makes Si Invernizzi PDO. gorgonzola an outstanding symbol of excellence, not only for Novara, but for all that is best about the Made in Italy brand.